G-28 Keiten takes over a bandit enclave in the Aurora mountains

G-26 Current Chisan Emperor Metakian III ascends when his parents step down due to age

G-25 Keiten and his army of necromancers, horrors, demons and assholes begin to move SE

G-24 Llyosal highlands forces decimated by Keiten’s forces. Diplomats sent to try to acquire Chisan aid. Emperor Metakian marries Asolia, niece of the Aven king.

G-23 Chisan empire sends equipment and tactical advisors to Llyosal, Kilayal, and Avenheim. Keiten reaches Avenheim

G-22 Defeat of Aven armies. Chisan empire begins to collect and mobilize forces. Chisan Emperor’s parents pass.

G-21 Kilayal falls. Largest force since the founding of the empire meets Keiten’s force near the border. Armies stalemate over border as the Chisan mages make use of threshold magics to hold the supernatural elements of Keiten’s force back. Avenheim and Llyosal pull borders back from the wastes

G-20 lunar convergence, careful planning, and luck allow Chisan forces to defeat Keiten. His body never recovered. Chisan empire absorbs Kilayal. Directly affected areas lost more than 2/3 population. Avenheim and Llyosal lost very nearly all of their armed forces. Chisan millitary reports losses of more than ¼ with another ¼ disabled in some fashion. The Temple of Hiroka at Rivermeet changes its name to The Temple of Hiroka at Shattered Ground and turns its attention to tending the massive swath of destroyed and poisoned ground left behind.

G-19 With large portions of the able-bodied population of Llyosal and Avenheim destroyed, both countries and to a lesser extent the Chisan empire and other surrounding countries suffer famine, rioting, and related turmoil.

G-15 Political and economic repercussions of Keiten’s war have stabilized, though all involved are still recovering. Rumors persist about the possible survival of Keiten or disciples. Emperor’s daughter Kyalath born.

G-12 Rumors fade. Economic recovery mostly completed.

G-10 Chisan empire formally takes control of the Keiten Wastes, despite significant sentiment against the action. Millitary’s mage corps insists that the wastes will remain outside the threshold, despite acquisition of the territory. Mages join the monks of Hiroka in studying and trying to recover the wastes.

G-5 Kilayal loyalists begin to agitate for independence from the empire. Rumors about Keiten being reborn resurface

G-2 Emperor and Empress assassinated, Imperial Princess Kyalaeth goes into hiding. “Regency” council consisting of the Prime Magus Alkonet, Master Merchant Helchrym and the Grand General Galbron takes over governance. Assassination supposedly plot by Kilayal loyalists. Alkonet and Galbron organize searches for the missing princess.

G-0 Rumors abound concerning new taxes, princess whereabouts and increased search brigades, Keiten’s return, strange beasts emanating from the wastes, drought in the eastern grasslands, and a possible expansion campaign into Avenheim.


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